Dannii Minogue Visits The Howard Stern Show

was on the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday to promote her new CD ‘Neon Nights,’ which comes out October 7th. Howard found out she’s 32 years old and 5’2” tall. The talk show host said she might be too short for him but he’d have sex with her anyway. Howard added that they wouldn’t be a good couple because they’d look odd together. Howard suggested he would go up to her hotel room and sit on her bed so he’s closer to her height though. He went on to tell her about what he’d do to her if he could bed her. Howard told Dannii that she should go out with a guy no taller than 6 feet. She said she only weighs about 100 pounds. Howard said she’s got huge breasts and they look great on her. He also said that she looks even better than her sister. Dannii said that Kylie is actually even shorter than her. Read more.

Dannii Fuming Over ‘Home And Away’ Slight

September 11, 2003 – Sky News reports Danni Minogue was secretly fuming that she was not on the guest list of a ‘Home And Away’ celebration party. The actress turned singer starred as nasty Emma in the Aussie soap in the early 90s. Danni told a source: “I was never asked, of course I would love to have gone back to say hi but there was no invitation.”

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