Danny Jones Dumps Girlfriend For Miss England

News of the World reports Danny Jones enjoyed a snog with Miss England, Laura Coleman, at the Miss World pageant in South Africa, prompting the star to later dump his girlfriend Olivia Shaw, who he had been dating for the past two years. “Danny’s a very honest guy,” a friend told the British tabloid. “He didn’t want to cheat on Olivia, so as soon as he kissed Laura he realized he had to end the relationship.” The insider added that “real slap in the face” to Olivia when Danny broke the news.

The entire story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.

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19 thoughts on “Danny Jones Dumps Girlfriend For Miss England

  1. lis says:

    Once upon a time, I had this huge admiration for Danny Jones, because he seemed like a gentleman, and like a good guy in general. But to do this?? I mean, he can date whoever the hell he wants, but kissing another girl when he was dating Olivia?? that show’s no respect what-so-ever!!! I hate men like that, I’ve encountered them in my life and it is not nice, it’s still cheating ffs!! and it was so infuriating when the article (in news of the word) said “it wasn’t like he slept with her!” … what an a$s

  2. jess says:

    Okay so maybe he kiss someone while dating
    but there ISN’T a law/rule that says what cheating means. so you can’t exactly blame him. and he told Oli RIGHT after anyways. so maybe to him cheating doesn’t mean a little kiss on the lips. maybe to him cheating is when you have actually DEVELOPED a relation with someone else. but when he kiss Miss England, they didn’t have a relationship yet…BUT HONESTLY, WOULD YOU RATHER HIM TELL OLI. OR NOT TELL HER AT ALL?

  3. Ash says:

    as much not so nice things I hear about Olivia…i was like “dang…couldn’t he keep his hormones under control for 2 secs so he can tell Olivia and then let the swapping spit can proceed?” if this article is true then I’m happy for him…he deserves the best and Olivia must have not been worth it. Something makes me think that all he was doing was waiting till the right girl to come along before he dumped her. Like she was just a default girl…that must suck but oh well. She must have been getting fizzled BIG TIME. Oh well Olivia used him back in the day… (not that I’m saying what he did was right but still)

  4. Nicole ellison says:


  5. Hannah White says:

    So, our very own Miss England, Laura Coleman appears to be making headlines everywhere…albeit for all the wrong reasons. As I understand it, the concept behind the Miss England beauty award, as well as all other beauty pageants, is to promote things such as charity work and effectively be an ambassador for our country? Someone to shine out England’s beacon of truth, regarding the real issues in today’s society…while also having rather lovely physical attributes? This way, the issues really concerning society, and the world today, are actually listened too and reported about. It appears to me to be an effective and successful means of attracting the attention of both tabloid and OTHER press, whilst concentrating on important world issues. Undoubtedly, photo shoots and catwalks come as part of the package…and it is undoubtedly these incentives that bring in the beauties. Unfortunately for England, our ambassador (as she regards herself on radio derby ) appears to have forgotten what her role really entails. Let’s take a look back at Laura’s “career” from the very beginning. At 15 years old, Laura entered the modelling world after being signed with one agency in London. Unfortunately, through her own admission, she was rejected by several modelling agencies after being asked to lose weight. With a sensible head on her shoulders, Laura carried on with studies and it appears she never modelled again. Following in the footsteps of both her Mother and her Grandmother, Laura took it upon herself to enter Miss Leicestershire, which she went on to win and therefore automatically was entered into Miss England. Being placed 4th, she returned to her studies and gained a degree in Business and marketing. Brains and Beauty I hear you cry! Perfect ambassador for our country in Miss England! So, after winning Miss Derby in her last year of University, Laura went on to Miss England. Here, she successfully managed to use her unfortunate experiences in the modelling industry to win public votes, and after being crowned Miss England, stated she “Would much rather be a beauty queen than a model any day” Being sensible, Beautiful, and Intelligent it is little wonder Laura was chosen to represent our country to the world.
    However, shortly after winning the title, it seems Laura’s initial hostilities towards the fashion industry were forgotten. Regularly appearing in photo shoots for papers such as The Sun, The Daily Star and The Mirror
    Laura seems to be somewhat of a hypocrite. It is not only what we see, but what we hear that also implies this: shortly after winning the title, Laura was quoted as saying she “Hopes her new title will help her modelling career” When we look back at Laura’s “modelling career” that she speaks of on both Radio Derby and to The Mirror I struggle to find evidence of this so called modelling career. I was under the impression that after starting at 15, and being cruelly told her figure was not up to model standard, she left it all behind to concentrate on her studies? Surely that was one of her main arguments in her campaign for votes during the Miss England competition? Furthermore, I find it hard to understand why someone who appeared to be so against the industry from such young age would ever want help making a name for herself in it again? More recently, Laura has been hitting our headlines due to model agencies saying she is “too chunky.” This is a sad and humiliating thing to have to happen to such a beautiful young lady, however why Laura took it upon herself to attempt to re-enter the industry is beyond me. Maybe she felt that having the title of Miss England would make the agencies sit up and take notice at last? Whatever the reason, I find it incredibly hypocritical of her for even entertaining the idea of modelling again after the comments she made to all that voted for her.
    As part of the prizes presented to the new Miss England, Laura was given a television presenting course: something she asked them for. I personally feel that television presenting is a great career choice for her, and something she should pursue now she has the opportunity and as much help as she will ever get. However, Laura seems to have let her brains with her degree. It has been reported that she now wants to enter the world of singing and show of her talents at this years x-factor.

    I shall hazard a guess, and state that if there was a “Miss Fame Award” our very own Laura Coleman would be right there, being one of the first to apply. Laura has done very little, if any, charity work, and I feel incredibly let down by this years England’s beauty queen. Not only has she effectively lied to win her country over, but she has ignored all the responsibilities that come with such a prestigious title. Any opportunity regarding fame and money that has come Laura’s way, she has taken with both hands and embraced thoroughly. All opportunities she has had to talk about charity, and the real important issues life has to offer, she has utterly wasted. When the Sun quiz her about her up-coming x-factor moment, or when The Daily Star want to hear more about her rejection from top model agencies, instead of being a true ambassador and seizing opportunities to talk to the media about famine, war, or unhealthy eating disorders, Laura only talks about herself, and her own dreams. “Disappointed,” does not even begin to express how I feel about Miss England. I can only hope that next year’s beauty queen will truly have more brains than beauty.

  6. demi says:

    hi by the way I’m so ticked off with Danny McFly because what he did to his girlfriend and I will be so happy if Tom kicked him out of the band.

    but at the end of the day it up to him to kick him out the band but I still like but he just make hate him for a bit,but I will forgive him xx

  7. Emily says:

    Can I just point out…

    I am an avid Mcfly fan I mean I am seriously obsessed! And Danny has long been my joint favorite member (along with Dougie Poynter Of course..)

    Any McFly fan will have heard the song POV which is a song about betrayal and lies with the lyrics
    “I’m looking at you from another point of view I don’t know how the hell I fell in love with you”
    It was written my Mr Danny Jones.
    About Olivia.

    She went out with him for a while before confessing that it was only because he was famous.
    He was devastated and ended the relationship at which point he wrote POV about her. She later flew out to Australia where he decided to give her another chance which shows his forgiving nature.

    I’m not saying what he did wasn’t wrong because it was. and believe me I have had my heart broken many a time by events like this. But Olivia was no angel.

    And also…at least he wanted to be honest with her and not lie to her. these kind of things happen in rom com movies all the time…where someone falls in love with a girl whilst in a relationship and then dumps someone to be with her and everyone is like “aaah what a sweet story” so whats different about this.
    Hes famous that’s what.

    I’m not condoning what he did for one minute but at least he showed honesty and gentlemanship in telling her and being truthful to her.


  8. Amy says:

    There is no need to mock Danny at all. He did not cheat on Olivia. Once he realized what he had done he ended it because he didn’t want to cheat or hurt her. Danny is an amazing person and what hes has done nothing wrong. So the person who wants Tom to kick Danny out of the band, GROW UP AND GET A LIFE. He was honest with Olivia because he didn’t want to hurt her. So quite frankly, I’m happy for him.

  9. S. says:

    ha, you guys are all fools!

    Danny Jones is my favorite person in the whole world, I love him!

    Olivia was a bitch! I am glad she has gone!

  10. Clare and Yasmin says:

    WE LOVE DANNY. But he should break up with Laura due to her very ugly looks and fat body with unwanted bits. I think Danny should clean his eyes and see what really is beauty.

  11. Laura says:

    She’s so bloody up her own ass…check this out……..



  12. Amy louise barker says:

    God, I hate Laura Coleman I wish Danny would dump her for me.

  13. Hannah says:

    for all who hate this Miss England 2008 then visit:


    She’s an idiot.

  14. miriam says:

    Everyone needs to mind their own business…
    so he kissed the chick while going out with Olivia…
    that’s HIS problem!!!
    so just leave him alone.
    it’s not like you could do something about it anyway

  15. lr says:

    Danny is no longer going out with I heard he was going out with someone from Birmingham she is 40 years old and apparently she is nice according to what I have heard

  16. Suzanna says:

    Firstly, Tom could not kick him out of the band lol They are equal owners of the brand and record label. Plus without Danny the band would end. Also Tom wrote most of POV not Danny, so it isn’t about Olivia. Lastly, his private life is nobody’s business but his.

  17. Sarah says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is like annoyed with Danny…
    How can you be? Hes hot!
    and Mcfly <3 would be nothing without him…
    Danny ftw!

  18. Clàudia says:

    Why does Danny only likes stupid girls ?

  19. sohail khan says:

    i want friendship?

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