Danny Jones Not Leaving McFly

Contributed Anonymously:

A post was made on the official McFly website stating:

Contrary to a story in today’s Sun newspaper, Danny Jones of McFly has not “asked to leave the band to go solo”, nor has he “been invited to write songs in America with a top production company”, nor is he “unhappy with how the band has been performing since the first album.”

Danny Jones is as happy in McFly as he has ever been and is upset if anyone thinks he is less than 100% committed to the group.

Says Danny:”I’m really upset by this rumour. No way am I giving up my dream job. I’ve got McFly in my blood and I’ll be in McFly as long as the fans want us.”

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3 thoughts on “Danny Jones Not Leaving McFly

  1. Saber Swift... says:

    Go Danny Alan David Jones!
    You tell them Bloody people to lay off

  2. amy says:

    Danny Jones well done good job.

  3. MaryKrissi says:

    even though Dougie is my favorite…if Danny quit – their music just wouldn’t be the same ):

    good thing hes set the record straight
    love you Tom, Harry, Danny and not-least Dougie :D x

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