Darden: Michael Jackson’s Weirdness May Factor In Trial

CNN legal analyst and former Los Angeles prosecutor Christopher Darden was on CNN on Thursday (January 1) discussion the child molestation case, fielding questions from e-mailers. Asked whether Jackson’s lifestyle and altered looks will play a factor in the case, Darden responded, “You know, it does, it does play, and I’ll tell you how, because I’ve been thinking about his an awful lot, and when you think about the interview, the Bashir interview, back in February, the interview on CBS a few days ago, I sit and I wonder, why would they do this? Why would they allow him to be interviewed by CBS, because he essentially places himself at the scene of the crime when he says he allows children to sleep in his bedroom along with him. And I guess in some sense, the defense is trying to establish a double standard in terms of how adults react to children. Most of us would not sleep in a bed with a child not our own, but Michael Jackson, because he is eccentric, would. A different standard of conduct, a different standard of behavior, and I think they want us — the defense wants us to judge Michael Jackson by Michael Jackson’s standard of behavior or conduct.” Read more.

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