‘Daredevil’ Premiere Photos

Brooke Burke, star , star Ashley Angel, Ben Affleck and fiance Jennifer Lopez, Drowning Pool, and the Calling were at the ‘Daredevil’ premiere on Sunday (February 9) at Mann Village Theater in
Westwood, California. Check out photos from the event at WireImage.

Ben Says He And J.Lo Will Figure Out When To Wed

February 11, 2003 – Chris Booker of Entertainment Tonight caught up with Ben Affleck and asked him about how he and fiance Jennifer Lopez will manage to get married with both having such busy schedules. Ben told Chris, who happens to date J.Lo’s sister Lynda, “I’m working through July. It also wasn’t the kind of thing where we got engaged, and said, ‘Oh, that means that we have to get married like right away.’ I think both of us anticipated that that was the more traditional version of it, you know the old school kind of stages of like, Okay, you date, and then say, Okay, we’re going to commit to, like, take this relationship to another level. So now we’re going to go forward with the relationship. It doesn’t mean that you rush right into it. There’s not any hurry to have a ceremony on my part or her part. We’ll figure it out, and we’ll do it when it’s the right time, and when we tell you, you can’t tell ET. You can’t dime it out. That’s why we’ll tell you last (laughs).”

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