Darius Danesh Has No Hard Feelings About No Brit Award Nods

Pop Idol star Darius Danesh was on Capital FM in London and was asked if he thought fellow Idol’s Will Young and Gareth Gates both getting Brit Awards nominations, while he didn’t, was unfair, especially since he writes his own songs. “I hadn’t even thought about it ‘til someone mentioned it to me last week,” Darius said. “Firstly, I can’t really imagine being nominated for a Brit. For me it’s something that happens when you’ve been in the business for a bit and really made your mark. And I don’t feel like I’ve made my mark yet, or fulfilled my potential. I really don’t. When I have, I’d love to be nominated. Also ‘Dive In’ was released at the back end of the fourth quarter, and I think to be nominated you have to have material out earlier in the year. But I’m ecstatic for Will and Gareth. I won’t be able to go along on the night though because I’m going to be in Germany.”

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