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Contributed anonymously: Last night, Mandy Moore was interviewed and profiled by Dateline. She’s not half as big as Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, but Dateline took notice of her and how she’s one who needed no stripping on every magazine cover or dance video just to be noticed. Her talent was enough to get her there and Dateline gave her thumbs-up for it, both in her singing and acting. Dateline also noted that among other singers who have dabbled in acting, hers was the one critics paid more attention to.

I am not a big fan of Mandy, but seeing what she has done in her career and how she has not allowed herself to be corrupted by the system give me so much comfort that there still are decent young stars around who may be taking the slow ride to stardom but at least have not made a fool of themselves by trying to be controversial just to sell records. And while Mandy may never be a huge superstar like Britney or Christina, she has definitely earned her place and respect in this industry.

Mandy Moore On Dateline NBC

November 27, 2003 – Contributed by atomickitten: The long await Mandy interview with Dateline will finally be aired Friday night 8PM ET/PT. The preview says: “There are a lot of young stars (and some older ones) making headlines for racy clothes, suggestive dance moves and on-screen kisses. But Mandy Moore is taking the opposite route. The ‘tween’ queen is making a name for herself based on her movies and music career and talks to Ann Curry about her latest CD, ‘Coverage’.”

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11 thoughts on “Dateline Profiles Mandy Moore

  1. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Well no one really cares for her. she doesn’t have a nice body like Christina and Britney. and she surely can’t be compared to Christina vocally and musically. why would anyone want to see her stripping down. the reason why she won’t is because she knows she won’t look good and she’s insecure about it.

    “…she has definitely earned her place and respect in this industry.” I have yet to see anyone respect her for her vocals and great music style…really is someone really respects her…then tell me who.

  2. Iceman says:

    Who the hell is Mandy Moore? She is only famous because she was the Britney number 2! And her music career didn’t work, so she had to do boring love movies, so she is just a NOBODY!

  3. Danisha says:

    What a laughable ‘profile’ Dateline did. They spent half the interview talking about Spears. lmfao! And this notion Moore’s legit now because she put together an album of remakes is hysterical. Moore is a no talent joke who can’t even sing. She doesn’t write or produce any of her music. She can’t act. The only roles she can land are ones in poorly written pseudo-angsty teen flops. Since when did keeping your clothes on become an actual talent? Nice try Dateline, but we ain’t buying it!

  4. Madfan says:

    Mandy Moore is a singer who has SUCCESSFULLY crossed over to become an actress, a now-impossible feat that the likes of Britney and Christina can ONLY HOPE to achieve.

  5. Britney_rocks says:

    let me refresh your memory. Britney made it to #1 here in Canada in the box office with over $22 million. she made it to #2 in the states with a great opening of $17.2 million, and around the world Crossroads made over $100 million dollars. let see Mandy Moore, walk to remember only made it to #5 in the us box office, and a measly #8 here in Canada. in the u.s. how to deal (stupid movie) only made $3.8 million equivalent to GIGLI!!!! That was a major flop! it didn’t even make the top 10!

  6. brizzitney says:

    Having a good body doesn’t matter when it comes to TALENT. You are superficial. Christina is stronger vocally, but Mandy is better than Britney vocally. Mandy doesn’t want to stoop to their level of being skanky. Did you ever think about that? No because you are too superficial.

  7. myhead says:

    Just because something made money does not mean it was good. People will go see something just because of who is in it not because of the quality Mandy Moore is getting more acting movies based on her acting in A Walk to Remember not because of her “name”

  8. brizzitney says:

    Hey they’re better than the crap that is put out today. Think about that one, idiot. She can sing BETTER than Britney. Britney doesn’t fully write or produce her own music, either. She can act, I am a former drama student. Keeping ones clothing on is better than being a skank.

    Britney’s movie then flopped after that. It went DOWN. That is based on SALES not the quality of the movie, idiot. Mandy’s stayed longer and didn’t hit video as fast as Britney’s did. Britney can’t act well. I’m a former drama student. I know.

  9. atomickitten says:

    Look at all the Booby Spears fans getting mad that Mandy is more respected than Booby! Booby has to be naked on every magazine cover just so she can sell CDs! But Mandy doesn’t need to do that. She is a real person with real morals who is unwilling to compromise who she is just for money. Whereas Booby (Britney) is selling her body. Go to hell you little teenyboppers.

    I feel bad for you Booby Spears fans. You think a lip syncing stripper is God, and yet you’re too dumb and blind to see that Mandy is something Booby will never be, real. She sings live. She’s not naked on every magazine cover. She didn’t kiss her grandma. She didn’t do anything. She is just herself. Whereas Booby is a publicity whore. You idiots are so stupid. Just reading your idiotic posts makes me sad. It makes me wonder how stupid kids are today. You guys are so brainwashed it isn’t even funny. Do you think dissing Mandy will make Britney looks better? The only thing it’s doing is making you idiots look miserably stupid. Us immature people in the real world understood the Dateline interview. If you don’t like Mandy then fine, But there’s no need to hate on her for no reason. She is just a singer trying to be herself in a world of sluts exploiting themselves for publicity. If that is reason to hate her then you might as well die right now cos there is no hope for you.

  10. leftofcenter says:

    Doing an album of covers is taking the easy way out. She could never garner such respect for an album with original material. Mandy’s not the only artist in the biz to keep her clothes on. Look at Michelle Branch for example. And there’s so much more talent there.

  11. atomickitten says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s taking the easy way out. It’s not like she thought “Oh, let’s make it easier on myself and do a cover album” This was just something she was passionate about. Mandy had already written and recorded 5 songs of her own before she conceived the thought of making a cover album. And that is no easier than recording material someone else has written for you. All you have is the lyrics and music. Mandy’s vocals on this album are extraordinary and she didn’t just follow the originals. She made these songs her own and gave them her own touch.

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