Dateline Reveals The Top 10 VH1 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons

Contributed by nellysgirl: Today on Dateline they revealed the top 10 list of VH1’s 200 Greatest Popculture Icons. This TV Special of VH1 airs tomorrow (Monday), but they were able to get the top ten as follows:

10. Michael Jackson
9. Princess Diana
8. Michael Jordan
6. Marilyn Monroe
5. Tom Cruise
4. Lucille Ball
3. Elvis
2. Superman (Cartoon)

Michael A Family Man Again

July 20, 2003 – Sky News reports The Jackson Five are getting together to record a new album and go on tour – complete with brother Michael Jackson. “Michael turned into this beautiful entertainer because of the foundation of the Jackson Five,” Jermaine Jackson remarked when asked if he was worried about Michael’s fame eclipsing that of the other members of the family group.

Michael Jackson Reportedly Involved In Fist Fight

July 17, 2003 – reports that Michael Jackson is in trouble with the law for hitting a female photographer while on a on a day trip to Universal City with his children. “The woman was sent flying,” said a witness watching the fracas. “Jackson was involved but his bodyguards did most of the pushing and shoving.” A spokesman for the police department said, “We are investigating a possible criminal action that took place during the confrontation. We are also still investigating Michael Jackson’s involvement.”

Jacko A Modern Day Jesus

July 12, 2003 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday, “According to the New York Post, Michael Jackson recently compared himself to Jesus Christ. That’s true. I didn’t make that up. Yeah, for instance, Michael said that ‘Jesus turned water into wine, and I turned a black man into a white one.’ That’s what he said.”

Jacko Supports New African-American Cable Network

June 20, 2003 – Michael Jackson was in Chicago earlier this month to show his support for a new African-American owned-and-operated cable television network alongside Jesse Jackson.

Leno Gets Blackballed By Mariah, Jacko & Marv

June 18, 2003 – Jay Leno tells Men’s Health magazine that he isn’t afraid to lose guests who can’t take a joke. Asked for examples, Leno offered, “Mariah Carey, whom I like and think is talented. According to her, I made too many ‘Glitter’ jokes. Michael Jackson once tried to strangle me at an awards show, but I think he was kidding. I made a lot of lace underwear jokes about Marv Albert, and he hasn’t come back either.”

Jacko Turned To Brett Ratner For Financial Advise

June 18, 2003 – Roger Friedman of reports Michael Jackson has turned to friend and ‘Rush Hour’ director Brett Ratner for financial advise. Ratner turned him on to his pal Brian Koppelman. A source said Jackson “called him and Brian suggested Michael talk to his dad.” His father is music impresario Charles Koppelman, who recently reported he was taking over Jackson’s dealings. Read more.

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