David Archuleta Arrives In Los Angeles, Just Misses Earthquake

returned to Los Angeles following his visit to the Philippines, where the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up talked about narrowly avoiding the 4.7 magnitude earthquake that hit LA just before his plane touched down. Archuleta writes:

Just got back into the U.S.! LA looks really grey from the airplane window haha.

I see that gas prices have gone up since I was last here. Lol

So apparently I just missed an earthquake in LA. I guess my flight came in just a little too late for it haha. It wasn’t too bad, was it?

Ok so from what you guys are saying it wasn’t too bad. everyone’s all right! I’ve never felt an earthquake.. That I was aware of lol

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2 thoughts on “David Archuleta Arrives In Los Angeles, Just Misses Earthquake

  1. barbs says:

    David comes back and the Earth moves.

    Yeah, sounds about right.

    I know it happens for me every time I see him.

  2. Mary says:

    barbs – too funny!!! Yeah, I feel the earth move under my feet whenever David is around!

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