David Archuleta Discusses Cats, Kaleidoscope & Tour

checked in on his YouTube channel after returning home to Utah. The ‘’ season seven runner-up talked about taping the Kaleidoscope charity event that airs on FOX, singing at a school in Harlem, and finally getting to see in concert before introducing his sister Jazzy. Archuleta also met Katsu and Tsuki, his sisters’ new cats, which he held in front of the webcam. As for the Christmas tour, he says he’s been rehearsing and he’s “really excited” to kick it off with hometown shows. Watch the update below.

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5 thoughts on “David Archuleta Discusses Cats, Kaleidoscope & Tour

  1. Jenna says:

    Oh I just love David’s Vlogs. He is always so down to earth and talks to his fans just like his friends. Love that he lets us know what he is up to on a regular basis. His upcoming tour will be incredible! David, there is no doubt that people will enjoy it, the crowds will love it!

  2. martin says:

    He is a great live singer. Always changes up parts of songs. Amazing. We are going to his concert in 21 days!

  3. TrudyFOD says:

    Hi David…you are just so awesome to share these moments of your life with your fans. Don’t be nervous about the tour…your concerts are so amazing and fun. I saw you on your first solo tour and recently the David/Demi tour shows — you were amazing on stage. I listen to your new Christmas from the Heart album EVERY day and tomorrow I’m giving 17 of them to friends that are coming to my home for a baby shower as a thank you gift. You really did an awesome job on the album. I think you are a very talented singer /songwriter — keep up the hard work! I love being your fan. I hope you and your family enjoy and have a happy holiday season…and I look forward to your 3rd album in 2010.

  4. acdja says:

    David, my computer has no sound, but I can see your smile everyday and listen to your music, 24/7. You are an angel on earth and I am so grateful to be here with you at the same time. I saw you in San Diego and Jay Leno. You are amazing. I am too ill to attend another concert now but watch everything I can. Your smile and music help to get me thru each day. Your fans so appreciate that you care about us. I still have your Valentine message on my cell phone and listen to it often. God Bless and Thank you.

  5. James says:

    The beautiful song from the Kaleidoscope TV special by Olivia & David Foster, “Hope is Always Here” is now available for download on Amazon.com and iTunes, with all proceeds going to Purple Songs Can Fly children’s cancer charity!
    Download it now! Who can’t spare .99 for a good cause?! And this song is definitely worth it!

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