David Archuleta: I’m A Dork

David Archuleta dork

spoke with Popstar! magazine at the premiere of ‘Fred: The Movie’. The ‘’ season eight runner-up talked about being a fan of Fred, who is played by Lucas Cruikshank and having his new song ‘Elevator’ released to radio the prior day. “It’s a goofy, dorky song, but I’m just really happy to get to do music that’s more fun and I don’t want to be anything I’m not,” Archuleta explained. “I don’t want to pretend I’m this cool hunk or anything, I’m a dork. I just want to introduce people to David Archuleta, let them know it’s okay if they’re not the cool, cookie-cutter model of someone. You can be who you are and you don’t have to be the coolest person to be successful.”

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One thought on “David Archuleta: I’m A Dork

  1. Jenn says:

    Well, if David is a dork, we need a lot more of them in the world! I love how he stays true to himself, he is completely real and genuine. I adore David and his music, he is my favorite young artist out there. He is simply amazing. My day isn’t complete until I have listened to David sing! Can’t wait for Oct 5th…David’s new album!

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