David Archuleta Locks Himself Out

David Archuleta

checked in with fans on his official web site’s blog on Tuesday (June 16), talking about tour rehearsals in Connecticut, recording a Christmas album in Los Angeles, and locking himself out of the house back home in Utah. The ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up writes:

Before I came to Connecticut, I got to spend the night (and just for the night, not even day) in Utah. I couldn’t sleep, and I mentioned the cats on twitter… But I wrote a letter to a friend and put it in the mailbox that night, or I guess morning lol, so I wouldn’t forget to send it before I had to leave to CT. Well funny thing, when I turned the door knob it was locked. You can open it inside but not on the outside. I didn’t have my phone with me, and no one was answering the door. I tried throwing small pebbles at the window but that didn’t work either. So there I was in my PJ’s outside, without shoes, and cold! I ran down the street to keep the blood going and went to a friend’s house, hoping they’d be awake or more responsive than at my place haha. I knocked on the window that I thought was my friend’s room, but I’m guessing that I guessed wrong or he wasn’t awake, or something. I went back to the front and just knocked on the door, and thankfully his dad happened to be awake. So he opens the door and there I am standing in my PJ’s feeling stupid, but I was so glad to go inside somewhere warm! Anyway I eventually got back into the house, and headed to the airport a couple hours later heh. Well I thought I’d share that story with you all lol.

The entire post at davidarchuletanetwork.ning.com has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “David Archuleta Locks Himself Out

  1. kara says:

    I still get a chuckle every time I read this. What 18 year old cares enough about someone to put something in the mailbox in the middle of the night so they don’t forget – oh, yeah, David Archuleta – HAHA! He is a beautiful example to humankind IMO. Love ya David!

  2. celeste says:

    Only David could tell his fans so freely about this kind of things… gotta love him :)

  3. Violet says:

    David is a ton of fun. But he’s gotta be more careful about freezing himself! I think this is the 3rd time he’s chilled himself in the last two months. First time in his PJ’s though. Reminds me of “I’m outside in my robe and I’m looking for you” (his song My Hands). BTW all – vote daily for David in the Music category of at the Teen Choice Awards web site. And check out David’s Fan Pack on iTunes – it includes Zero Gravity. And his twitter @DavidArchie is fun too so follow him there.

  4. caitlin says:

    LOL! LOVE David Archuleta and love that he’s just like the rest of us–except of course–he can SING!!

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