David Archuleta On Visiting India For World Leprosy Day

checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, talking about his trip to India for World Leprosy Day, volunteering with Rising Star Outreach. Archuleta called the experience life changing and made him appreciate things more.

“It’s just amazing to see where these people have come from,” the ‘American Idol’ alum said about the leprosy sufferers. “From begging on the street, not allowed to be in these communities and having the jobs and getting education that they need. They’re taken from the streets to having their jobs from these loans not just providing for themselves but for their families as well and these kids getting an education, learning and being able to learn English, which is very important for job opportunities and it was so cool to be a part of and meet these kids.”

Watch the update below.

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7 thoughts on “David Archuleta On Visiting India For World Leprosy Day

  1. Bookaholic says:

    David Archuleta is not just an incredibly talented young singer/songwriter, he is a truly wonderful human being. He is very loving, compassionate and humble. What an inspiration he is to so many of us. Positive and uplifting. Nice to find in this wicked world of ours.

  2. waffles says:

    He is so beautiful inside and out. I have never admired anyone the way that I do David Archuleta. Thank you for posting this inspirational vlog from David.

  3. cassie says:

    David Archuleta is an amazing human being!! Love him!

  4. dying4bread says:

    in the LAST SECOND.he said something which sounds like ‘CHÀO'(means “hi” or “bye” in VIETNAMESE).can’t believe it haha. Wish he’d come to VIETNAM and do what he’s done in India.i love u,David but I love Vietnam even much more than you,haha

  5. lct says:

    There aren’t too many artists that I can say I love them for who they are as well as for their music! David you are in a category of your own!

  6. Hunnzy says:

    David is such an inspiration to all his fans! He is living his dream with music and in charity! I pray someday that his beautiful voice will grace the radio once again! This world needs his positive music and his inspiration!(The Other Side of Down) David you light up this world with all that God has blessed you with! Your smile and tender heart are so real and good!

  7. Hunnzy says:

    By the way thank you POPDIRT for spreading the good and reporting what David has been up to!!!

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