David Archuleta Wouldn’t Mind Living In Nashville

David Archuleta

USA Today caught up with in Nashville as he continued work on his second studio album, where the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up confessed the relaxed pace of Nashville is preferable to Los Angeles:

L.A.’s not my favorite place, but you get to keep busy there. You use your time well, but it feels like a job. I feel like I’m at work when I’m in L.A., no matter where I am… [Nashville is] so laid-back. When you go eat somewhere, everyone’s there, no matter where you go. Everyone eats out here, everyone hangs, and everyone’s friends. But everyone’s in the music business, too, and everyone’s into music. It’s crazy to see how much is going on here, even though it feels like a neighborhood. I wouldn’t mind living here. I seriously wouldn’t. People always go, ‘Is there anywhere you’d like to move to?’ and I always say, ‘I’m happy in Utah, thanks.’ But if I had to, I would probably move here.

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