David Beckham’s Secret Affair

News of the World reports David Beckham took his beautiful personal assistant Rebecca Loos to bed just 90 minutes after the pair were photographed at a club in Madrid on 28 last year, when the photo made headlines and sparked strong denials that the soccer star was cheating on his ex-Spice Girl wife Victoria Beckham. “David is a lonely man in a foreign country,” said a close family friend who Rebecca confided in about her astonishing secret. “He is a very sensitive guy and is so hurt because Victoria is ignoring him. The affair is a surprise to no one who knows him. He’s been going weeks without sex, trying to stay faithful to her. But something had to give.”

Posh Gets Usher To Pen Her A Pair Of Hits

Sky News is reporting former Spice Girl has enlisted Usher to co-write two tracks from her forthcoming album, hoping to spring off the success of the R&B star. Posh met up with Usher in Spain with her hubby David Beckham.

Posh To Launch Jewellery Line

The Mirror reports former Spice Girl is launching her own range of jewellery after recently meeting with Italian jewellers Damiani during a recent trip to Milan. “This is one of many projects that Victoria is interested in finding out more about. But nothing has been agreed yet,” a spokesman for Posh explained.

Posh Follows Jennifer Lopez’s Lead With Clothing Line Deal

The Sunday Mirror reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has plans to follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez and launch a range of cosmetics and perfume if her soon to be launched fashion label VB takes off. “Victoria has a keen business brain and is a fashion icon,” a friend revealed. “So it makes perfect sense for her to launch her own range.” Posh’s success being the face of Rocawear helped the singer decide on launching her own fashion label.

The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “David Beckham’s Secret Affair

  1. popnicklover says:

    That would make a great fictional novel! Just expand it a bit more and add some more juicy details and it would be a best-seller!

  2. bsg1hbk says:

    I really doubt Becks is thick enough to cheat on posh with a girl that he just took out to a public place people have seen them…taken pictures…and he still does it …i just don’t think he’s that thick not only that ..but just a day after that photograph the story about him being unfaithful came out I really doubt he would go and do it again with the same girl after the story came out..but then again…News of the world…also reports on factious brawls…kids with 3 heads…fattest cat on earth being bigger than a barn…so…why would anyone believe them?

    I believe him I don’t think he’s that thick.

  3. jsuk2003 says:

    I’m not surprised he is stuck with that cow posh

  4. sexypopfan says:

    Anyone else sick of hearing about Posh and Becks every two seconds?

  5. Meggz75 says:

    them and the Britney/Christina essays lol

  6. Buzz says:

    Anyone sick of people who click on topics they don’t want to hear about?

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