David Gray Explains Why Robbie & Oasis Can’t Crack U.S.

chatted with The Sun and has a simple recipe for success, particularly in America – hard work. The singer also explained why the two biggest UK acts, and Oasis have failed to crack America as he has. “If you’re going to make it in the States you’ve got to work incredibly hard,” Gray said. “The thing with some of our British stars is they get all pampered and successful in Britain and think they can go to the States and crack it really easily. They don’t understand they have got to put in the work, it’s as simple as that. Robbie Williams is a camp, very British thing that just doesn’t make sense here at all. I don’t think his story translates in the slightest. In Britain everyone knows who he is and that he was in but they don’t care about that over here. It’s so vast and complicated in America you have got to work and work and work and work. Oasis could have done it but they imploded at the key moment. In their prime I think America would have loved them but they ran out of steam.” Read more.

Robbie, Christina & Avril Win & ‘Lose’ NME Awards

February 15, 2003 – Amongst the winners and losers of Thursday night’s NME Carling Awards were Avril Lavigne (Most Sexy Woman), Robbie Williams (Villain of the Year, Worst Album for ‘Escapology’, Worst Single for ‘Feel’), and Christina Aguilera (Worst Dressed).

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