David LaChapelle Slams Jessica And Ashlee Simpson

Legendary photographer David LaChapelle is lashing out at and her sister . “They’re everything that’s wrong with music,” LaChapelle seethed to the New York Daily News. “Out of everything combined, they’re everything wrong with culture, and everything wrong with art, and what we think of as art and musical culture – in one family!”

He continued his verbal assault on the singing siblings by adding, “They’re nothing. They have nothing. They hold no interest whatsoever for anybody. They’re reality-red-carpet, lip-synching television stars. I don’t know what they are beyond that. I don’t think they offer anything.”

The source of LaChapelle’s anger is apparently their refusal to pose for him for a Rolling Stone cover, according to a source close to the Simpsons.

Jessica Simpson On Flag Flying At Half-Mast

8, 2005 – During ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Wednesday night, Conan had a new segment we call ‘Celebrity Survey’. Asked ‘When I saw flags flying at half-mast in Washington this week, I thought…’ Dick Cheney wrote ‘Our country has lost a great Chief Justice’. Hillary Clinton wrote ‘The Supreme Court will never be the same’. Jessica Simpson wrote ‘Gilligan deserved this’.”

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11 thoughts on “David LaChapelle Slams Jessica And Ashlee Simpson

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    well yeah duh… they have been totally manufactured. Please the Simpsons would been nuts not use him a photographer. If anything he turned them down…. I love Lachapelle’s work. He is a genius.

  2. estephania says:

    THANK YOU! FINALLY SOMEONE IN THE NEWS SAYS WHAT I’VE BEEN THINKING FOR A VERY LONG TIME! I hate these two, neither can sing or act and they are both very stupid.

  3. DarkLord says:

    I love his work, he’s great! The Simpson sister’s may be “sweet”, but IMO they’re boring.

  4. kittykow105 says:

    This is the same man who directed Mariah’s “Loverboy” and Christina’s “Dirrty” videos… I Love both of those girls.. but Im sorry.. he sucks… so who is he to call them manufactured and basically crap.. he is the same way except far worse.

  5. CharlotteNCusa says:

    Sounds like David needs to be laid’, ‘Ah..David tends to forget about his “MTV Music Videos” he has produced. Mmmm, I bet the Simpson sister turned down an offer from him, and now he is speaking trash about them for it. Regardless, I and the ENTIRE world knows the Simpson sister will not be music legends, however they are pop stars. As we all know, pop comes from the word popular, therefore popular things are generally “manufactured” in nature. Geez, doesn’t he have others things to worry about i.e. photographing the victims in New Orleans, donating his work for charity, etc

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, Ashlee may mime it, but Jessica most certainly does NOT!! As I understand it, there is NOTHING fake about that girl…except maybe her smarts, or rather, lack there of!

  7. yelenerz says:

    Britney posed for some great pics for him, they were in his book…’, ‘also Britney was manufactured from the start, she didn’t become famous for being dumb on a reality show and looking good on a red carpet.

  8. joshy420 says:

    I’ll take thier place! why wouldn’t they want to be on the rolling stone cover? that’s like, my dream they’re dumber than I originally thought….and that’s hard to beat

  9. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    Did you mean Paris and nikki hilton, davey boy? yea, I think that’s who you were going for… forgive davey boy, he was pms’ing.

    that’s why both their reality shows are gold…america loves being bored to death.’, ‘or maybe they just need something along their own level of intelligence…cnn can be quite confusing at times…that anderson cooper!

  10. CurlyHammer says:

    I think that this is complete bull. I think that both Ashlee and Jessica Simpson are talented in many different ways. First of all let me start off by saying, that I’ve never once heard Jessica Simpson lipsynch a song, and the only time I’ve seen Ashlee Simpson lipsynch was on Saturday Night Live which of course, everybody uses as an excuse to bash Ashlee. I have seen her in concert, she sang live and did a great job, so did Jessica. This isn’t anything but a diva in a photographer.

  11. OriginalNicknameHere says:

    Ashlee sucks…but Jess does sing her heart out and has an amazing voice. This guy is’, ‘a complete moron. Say what you want about them…but to say Jessica can’t sing is pure crap. I’m sorry, I saw the girl live…she does NOT lip sync as for her sister…well she’s a train wreck with no talent.

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