David Schwimmer Eyes Second S-Clubber – Rachel Stevens

After scoring with former S Club star Tina Barrett, The Sunday Mirror reports ‘Friends’ star David Schwimmer is pulling out all the stops to charm Tina’s former bandmate, Rachel Stevens. On a flight from Marbella to London, Schwimmer was overheard telling Rachel: “Oh, my. It’s you again. You presented me with my gong at the Glamour Awards. Fancy bumping into you like this again. Wow! Why don’t you do some more acting. I could help you big time in Hollywood you know. Let’s hook up next time you’re out in LA. I would soo enjoy that.”

Rachel Stevens On Why Pop Stars Lip-Synch

July 6, 2004 – Former S Club star Rachel was asked by Metro why so many of today’s pop stars lip-synch on television performances instead of singing live. “It’s difficult to sing and move in a sexy way at the same time,” she responded.

Polydor To Re-Release Rachel Stevens’ ‘Funky Dory’

July 6, 2004 – Polydor plan on re-releasing Rachel’s debut album ‘Funky Dory’ after poor sales, hoping her new single ‘Some Girls’, which isn’t on the album, will provide a boost. “Rachel’s been after a great song for months now and ‘Some Girls’ really was her last chance,” an industry source explained. “‘Funky Dory’ did really badly and the money invested in her by Polydor and 19 Recordings was nowhere near recouped. But the response to ‘Some Girls’ has been so good, that some genius has decided to put in on the old album with a new cover and re-release it.”

Rachel Stevens To Remake Disco Tune For Sky Digital

June 27, 2004 – The Sunday People reports former S Club star Rachel is to sing the 70s disco track ‘More, More, More’ in new ads for Sky Digital, hoping it will be the elusive second hit that relaunches her career.

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2 thoughts on “David Schwimmer Eyes Second S-Clubber – Rachel Stevens

  1. dum_BLONDE says:

    Hmm, I was gonna say that would be really dumb to not put her new single on the album. “Some Girls” is such a hot song!! It has a really 80’s pop feel, it almost makes me think its a cover but I’m not sure. HOT STUFF though! :)

  2. InDistantTime44 says:

    I read that she was gonna re-record some tracks and then record new ones for the re-release…I wonder what happened to that idea? Some Girls is a hot song.

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