Deborah Gibson Questions Whether Justin Bieber Remains Grounded

visited the Billy Bush Show the other day, where she talked about how she avoided the pitfalls of fame, what she thinks about the new generation of pop stars like Justin Bieber, how her mom still gives her “the look” at 40 to keep her disciplined, being shortlisted for an Academy Award, and more.

“He seems very humble and together, but it’s like he’s as humble as can be when you’re selling gazillions of records and you’re writing paychecks to your family and friends and whoever else,” Deborah said of the Canadian teen. “The thing that tipped it in the other direction for me was seeing pictures of him vacationing in some Caribbean island with his girlfriend on a yacht. I was like, I was going to the bowling alley with my boyfriend at 16 and at our house you weren’t allowed to have sleepovers on the night of the prom, even though I was leaving on a tour bus three days after my graduation.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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