Deception In Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson’s Marriage

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “Hey, Kev. You know what Nick Lachey did this weekend? Not Jessica. … I guess you heard. and Nick Lachey are getting a divorce. Yeah. That’s sad. Well, it is sad. They’re both nice people. But apparently there was some deception in the marriage. Apparently Nick came home early one day and caught Jessica reading. You think you know a person.”

Split Was Last Minute Decision For Nick & Jessica

November 29, 2005 – Us Weekly’s Dina Sansing tells ‘Extra’ that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s separation came at the last minute, the night before Thanksgiving. “It’s not easy for your relationship to thrive when everyone’s suggesting maybe someone else is involved,” Sansing said.

Joe Simpson Ruins Thanksgiving For Infotainment Shows

November 26, 2005 – Entertainment shows like ‘Entertainment Tonight’, ‘The Insider’, ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘Extra!’ weren’t happy with Joe Simpson for releasing news that his daughter and hubby Nick Lachey had split after a 10 p.m. Wednesday night announcement. All the shows had pre-taped their Thanksgiving day program, and had to rush in to work on the holiday. “They got their holidays, but we didn’t,” one staffer complained to The New York Post. “They couldn’t have waited one day? This was so calculated.”

Us Weekly’s Sansing On Nick & Jessica’s Split

November 26, 2005 – Us Weekly’s Dana Sansing tells ‘Extra’ that despite all the headlines, there is no evidence of a third person involved in and Nick Lachey’s split. Instead, she said that career pressure and time apart are to blame. “They really both wanted to make this work,” Sansing said. Nick also had trouble matching the success of his wife professionally. “It couldn’t have been easy for Nick to see his wife making $35 million where he was making a lot less money,” Sansing added.

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6 thoughts on “Deception In Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson’s Marriage

  1. galleta says:

    They didn’t need a pre-nup, she had nothing coming into the marriage. Hopefully he will get something though cause without him she would still be a nobody.

  2. ficklefan says:

    No evidence of a third person……then why the hell did every gossip site, and tabloid magazine say that he was cheating? Why don’t they just say that Joe Simpson was 60% of the problem. Nick probably wants out because he’s tired of living a lie, tired of being a puppet to the Simpson’s. They’re going to try and paint him out to be jealous of her career, and that’s not fair. There are tons of other celebrity women, that are way better than Jessica and that make considerably more than there husbands, and no one makes it a point to analyze them. I can’t wait for the Simpson’s to go away!

  3. galleta says:

    Jessica is a grown woman Jessica ruined her marriage not her father, why do you all keep thinking she’s some little kid whose daddy is running her life? If she wanted her marriage no amount of fame could have turned her head, it’s her fault not her dad’s.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    I agree galleta. But I think many people are accusing Joe because for the most part he acts as if his baby girls aren’t grown women that will make mistakes sometimes. He constantly defends their flaws and faults as if it’s his mission to ensure that they will appear as perfect as the world expects them to be. But at the end, I don’t think Joe has anything to do with their breakup. It just wouldn’t make sense for her to breakup with her husband all because of her dad, it’s just a silly notion.

    Does there necessarily have to be a third person? Celeb marriages fall apart all the time for many reasons. I really think that Nick and Jess never actually enjoyed their marriage due to their show and all the hype around them. Hopefully they will still be friends.

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Easy? No But is that a reason to split? NO!! If it’s true love, then he’d be happy she’s living out her dreams. But I guess that’s a man thing….and it proves that Nick is a man…. Men want to be the bread winners in the families. (which also proves what everyone says about another infamous marriage that will remain nameless, but if you think about it….you can figure it out….HE ain’t no man mooching off of someone’s bank account….) ANYWAYS…. I hope they figure out a way to make it work!!! TRUE LOVE always works out…everything else gets lost somewhere!

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    protecting her from harm is one thing, but sugarcoating her mistakes is ridiculous’, ‘Joe should realize that his daughters are going to have flaws sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. He can’t always protect them from the media’s criticism, and all parents can’t ALWAYS protect their children, esp. when they’re adults in the real world. Sometimes he needs to get a grip and let his daughters stick up for themselves.

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