Dedication Honors Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth

nude on a bearskin rug while giving birth to her firstborn marks a ‘first’ for Pro-Life. Spears is the “ideal” model for Pro-Life and the subject of a dedication at Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg gallery district, in what is proclaimed the first Pro-Life monument to birth, in April.

“Britney provides inspiration for those struggling with the ‘right choice’,” said artist Daniel Edwards said in a press release. “She was number one with Google last year, with good reason – people are inspired by the beauty of a pregnant woman.”

Read more, including photos of the life-sized statue celebrating the recent birth of Spears’ baby boy Sean Preston, here.

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4 thoughts on “Dedication Honors Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth

  1. texassoftballchick says:

    Eww!!!’, ‘This is the grossest, most disgusting thing I have ever read! Britney is fat and ugly enough with clothes on. Who want to see a fat Britney giving birth? I am sure Ses, RPL and a few others will have multiple orgasms over it though.

  2. galleta says:

    Britney is not fat, she’s stocky, and gross but she’s not fat, she’s always been meaty and well toned

  3. pl says:

    i want to see the pictures

  4. joey says:

    we don’t need a sculpture to see Britney Spears nude, she’s offered up plenty on her own LOL

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