Defending Ashlee Simpson

Contributed Anonymously:

Just to prove how a single event can turn someone from a beautiful swan right back to the ugly duckling. To many of her critics out there, it seemed that Ashlee could not do anything correct now, and every inch she moved, a thousand arrows come flying in.

I think different of her. Unlike most, I never saw her show on MTV simply because I thought of such vanity projects as a pure waste of time. In addition, being related to Jessica, pop music’s dumbest kitten, was no help either.

Then she released her first single, “Pieces of Me” and it was all over the airways. I hated the song even though it was quite catchy and melodic. But it was until the second single, “Shadow” that I saw that there was a point to Ashlee’s existence. Like the dark hair that she carried off magnificently, she was little sister to much more famous big sister. She was stuttering beauty behind the vivacious blond and she was also the insecure and sensitive girl constantly checking what others thought of her. “Shadow” was a good song, a good song to introduce her to the world.

Then came the lip-synching, and the poor performance of “La La”. The last time I checked, the mighty Destiny’s Child never sang a note whenever they perform “live”. While the solo star can have an acid reflux, it would be harder to believe all three of them had it at the same time. And “La La” was a bonifide disaster, but what about Christina Aguilera’s half screeching/ half screaming performance or half of the rock outfits out there whom you swear sounded nothing like they do in their albums.

Like she said in “Shadow”– don’t feel sorry for me — and I won’t since I am certain that she will bounce back with something better.

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