Defending The Pop Princess

Contributed by Potpot:

had been and is still being back-stabbed by her undying critics these past months. Its time to defend and protect her from all these unjust and unfair criticisms. First, the issue about the ‘disappointing album sales’ of her third album, is in fact, an exaggerated overhype. *NSYNC sold 12 million copies of ‘No Strings Attached’; but their follow-up only sold roughly 5 million. Same with Britney’s case – 9 million of ‘Oops!’ to 4.5 million of ‘Britney’; then why ain’t *NSYNC getting all these criticisms? Why all be directed to Britney? Not to mention the downhill trend in album sales since 2001. More important than just the numbers is the talent. Has there been anyone of those self-proclaimed musical analysts who has praised Britney for having been able to extend her musical spectrum – from just sugar-pop ‘Baby One More Time’ 4 years ago to the adult-oriented ‘I’m A Slave For You’ 3 years later. Has anyone of them realize that the girl has undeniable talent? Well, all they can say is that she is over! Well then, they better have some serious analysis – a more deeper one please!

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