Delta Goodrem And Hilary Duff On TV This Week

Pop acts on television this week include Delta Goodrem, who performs on ‘Today’ on Wednesday; Hilary Duff, who is a musical guest on ‘The View’ on Wednesday; and ‘The Early Show’ will have a MTV Video Music Awards wrap-up on Monday.

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7 thoughts on “Delta Goodrem And Hilary Duff On TV This Week

  1. twistedpsykko says:

    did you watch the VMAs?’, ‘cuz I saw it. and for once it didn’t completely suck, but I think that was for 2 reasons. number one, because mcr performed and I finally got to see them, so I can die happy now :) :) :) :), and two, because that whole thing where fat joe said something about g unit and all these guys at the side were like “F**K YOU!” when he got off the stage, and then g unit said something that I couldn’t hear cuz they beeped out pretty much the rest of their performance was pretty fu**ing hilarious.

  2. ihatehilary says:

    That’s nice. did I tell you I’m going to see mcr again?? anyway, no I didn’t watch it. what happened with Hilary and joel?

  3. twistedpsykko says:

    …again? dammit! you just LOOVE crushing me down, don’t you? but Hilary and joel…i dunno. they didn’t really come out and say they were dating or whatever. I mean, when they went on stage they were holding hands, but that was about it.. oh yeah! and then she said that Joel introduced her to a bunch of stuff that she never listened to before and she said she likes rancid and afi and then the murderers which was supposed to be the killers. and then Joel whispered something to her, and then she said “oh, sorry I always make that mistake” and then they introduced them. he didn’t say anything at all though. I think he said like 2 words and that was it. she probably didn’t give him permission to talk.

  4. ihatehilary says:

    that sounds kind of stupid. but lol LMAO @ you ruining it for astrange1, MM, popstar and popstalker telling me now!!! but popstalker told me Hilary said he was her boyfriend. she was probably just trying to make me cry. too bad she doesn’t know I started crying as soon as I learned she was back. funny how that’s the exact thing she said when she “came out” about Joel last month at mtv news. remember that story popstar sent in and MM posted, “Duff Confirms Relationship Rumors” or something like that? I didn’t comment once to it, it was my way of saying fu** you to MM and not giving him what he really wanted. and making everyone else think I snapped and was off killing her. but what a sh**y introduction. that had to be hilary’s idea. Joel didn’t have benji with him to think up a better one for Hilary to steal. but the real question is, was Hilary wearing that stupid greasy black wig?

    oh yeah. and lol LMAO @ astrange1 being wrong about him proposing or announcing she’s pregnant. poor astrange1. in the last Joel and Hilary story, you know the one about him hiding behind her bodyguard, I asked where astrange1 was cuz every single comment was by me, you, and lilsongwritergal. astrange1 was probably putting rubber sheets on her bed, to prepare for how wet she was gonna get if that happened and at the thought of rubbing it into me. I hope she’s left hanging now, on the edge but nothing to push her over it. that’d teach her! perhaps it will happen at the grammys. haha yeah, like either of them will get invited there ever again. but the main thing is, yes, I’m seeing them AGAIN!

  5. twistedpsykko says:

    hahahaha suckers! yeah, it was stupid. I was disappointed, I thought they’d do something better than that. but I think you’re right, it probably was hilary’s idea. but not cuz of benji, cuz benji was there! he didn’t go on stage or anything, but when they cut to commercials and they showed clips of when everyone was on the red carpet they showed Joel and benji! and then they also showed him in his seat. and to answer the real question, no, for once she wasn’t wearing that goddamn wig.

    i know, I was wondering where she was in the other one. cuz usually it’s mainly you me and her commenting the crap outta those. and yeah I highly doubt it’s gonna happen at the grammys. I think the grammys is too high class for them. and I’m just gonna ignore the mcr thing, because I’m too busy being miserable again, cuz just when I finally saw them and I was at peace with everything, YOU had to come along and tell me you’re seeing them again. :(

  6. lilsongwritergal says:

    Ihatehilary, whens your b-day? I’m gunna hunt down Hilary beat her ass and take a picture. Then I will wrap it in shiny blue tinfoil and give it to you. =) I didn’t watch VMA because I was working and I’m to busy. Was it earlier on or later they came on>? I should catch a repeat but I have better things to do like my music. =)

  7. twistedpsykko says:

    yeah, your music is most likely not a complete waste of time like the VMAs :) Joel and Hilary came on somewhere around the middle I think. and right after the show was done, the replayed it. so they’ll most likely play it to death for the whole week so you’ll probably be able to see a rerun :P

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