Delta Goodrem Meets Her One Millionth Fan

Being a fan of Delta Goodrem’s paid off recently for cute Vanessa Aguis, 7, of Sydney. The aspiring young piano player bought the one millionth copy of Delta’s debut album ‘Innocent Eyes’ and won a private performance with Delta on piano. Vanessa’s dreams came true last week when she finally got to meet Delta at Sony’s offices in Huntingwood, Sydney. Joined by her nine-year-old brother Adrian and mum Sonia, Vanessa went on a guided tour of the facilities to see where the lucky copy of ‘Innocent Eyes’ had been made. Then came the big moment when she and her family got to meet Delta and her mother Lea. “I said ‘Hi Delta’. And I gave her a big hug and a kiss and a gift”, she said. “Even Delta’s mum was really lovely. She gave me a big kiss and a hug too.”

The full story, including a photo of Delta with Vanessa, has since been removed at

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