Demanding Spears & Timberlake Skip Bill

The New York Post is reporting pop couple and *NSYNC’s were a nightmare during their stop at B Bar’s weekly Tuesday night Beige party, where they not only were rude to the staff but left without paying their bill. A witness told the Post, “The poor waiter had to run out and bang on the window of their car to get them to pay.”

As for how the couple were when they were in the bar, it started out ugly when a spy revealed, “They sat at a table and seconds later this wild, maniacal assistant came up to the bar and yelled, -If we don’t get a waiter right now we are leaving! . . . and he has to wait just on us – nobody else!’ “

Despite word from the manager that the bar didn’t operate that way, the staff was reportedly intimidated by the couple’s bodyguards with the source adding, “The bodyguards were very threatening.”

This marks another time that Spears has attempted to skip a bill following her bailing of Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. without tipping the waiter for her complimentary meal and frappuccino the waiter had paid for herself from Starbucks.

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