Demi Lovato At Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day

Popstar! magazine and other press outlets caught up with at Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day on Saturday (August 23). The ‘Camp Rock’ star talked about celebrating her 16th birthday, “definitely not dating anybody” herself, what she remembers about Barney, learning from the to take the high road, her outfit choice, her “more rock than pop” debut album ‘Don’t Forget’, being honored to get compared to Miley Cyrus, appreciating her young fans – who were annoyingly screaming “Demi!” throughout the informal press conference.

On celebrating her 16th birthday, Demi said, “We celebrated it all day pretty much during the concert. I was real thankful because the crowd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, so it was really awesome. For my party, I went to Applebee’s with my band.”

On the Miley and Mandy video imitating her and Selena Gomez, “I didn’t know she knew who I was, so I thought it was pretty cool.”

On her new album ‘Don’t Forget’, Demi said, “I think it will be more rock than pop than people would expect, hopefully. It’s got a lot of messages that I want to get out, so hopefully you guys will check it out.”

Talking about her favorite part about knowing the Jonas Brothers, she said, “They’re hilarious guys, and also they’ve got really big hearts that people don’t always see. They do see it in their videos and things like that and they’re ten times more cool than what you expect when you meet them. They’re very protective of me.”

Watch the clip below.

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