Demi Lovato Backstage At The Burning Up Tour In Detroit

Demi Lovato, seen wearing a lot of makeup, talks about touring with the Jonas Brothers and the wardrobe she wears for her live set checked in with fans on her YouTube channel after opening for the during their Burning Up Tour in Detroit on Saturday (July 5). The ‘Camp Rock’ star was in her dressing room and showed the wardrobe she wears during her set.

“I just finished actually, and it was really a lot of fun,” Demi said about her set. “It was a great crowd. We’re in Detroit today.”

“I had an awesome time today, and my dreams are coming true everyday that I’m on this tour,” Demi said closing the brief video. “And I have the to thank, but I also have you to thank. So come out to another show. Hopefully you get to see me all sweaty and nasty. Come out to a show and we’ll have a lot of fun.”

Watch the clip below.

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