Demi Lovato Can’t Stand Guys Who Cry

Demi Lovato, seen here blonde with bangs, talks with Z100 about how she can't stand guys who cry, X Factor, Britney Spears and her hit single 'Give Your Heart A Break'

was recently on the phone with JJ of Z100 in New York City to talk about her hit song ‘Give Your Heart A Break’, how she judges on ‘The X Factor’, how her friendship with is developing, not wanting to devote herself to a relationship at the moment, and how she can’t stand men who cry.

Asked about her supposed role of “the enforcer” on ‘X Factor’, she said, “I am just really honest. I think we’re all really tough judges. I don’t think there’s one judge that goes easier on anybody else. We’re all pretty tough.”
Asked if she ever looks over and thinks, “Oh my god, it’s Britney Spears”, Demi confessed, “I still do that. What are you talking about?” As for whether she’s close to Spears, Lovato said, “We haven’t hung out or anything because I’ve been on the road and she’s busy too, but if we both had free time, I know we’d both love to hang out and just get to know each other better. She’s a really, really sweet girl.”

On the success of ‘Give Your Heart A Break’, she said, “I’m really thankful for it. I like how it’s happened, but really any song that does well I’m thankful for it too.”

As for dating talk, Demi said, “I’m not at a place right now where I can devote my time or devote my heart, because right now I’m devoting it to my music and my work. There’s a time for a relationship in your life, but I don’t know if 20-years-old is a time to be in a relationship, but it it happens, it happens.”

As for her pet peeves with men, Demi revealed, “I can’t stand it when guys cry. It’s like, grow some balls and stop crying. If they cry over something super super romantic or whatever, that’s totally okay, but if you’re crying because stupid reasons that girls cry over, I’m like, ‘If I’m not crying over that, you shouldn’t either.'”

Listen to the interview via Z100 below.

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