Demi Lovato Chat

Demi Lovato chat

will be taking part in an online chat with fans at on Tuesday (April 14) at 5:45 PM PST, promoting her new album ‘Don’t Forget Deluxe Edition’. Those participating will have to have a twitter account, sending messages to @ddlovato.

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59 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Chat

  1. Charleena says:

    Hey Demi I love you so much I think you stay so true to yourself and are so beautiful inside and out I can’t wait to see what you next. So here’s the question where do you go to actually see the live chat

  2. james says:

    i love you I want to hang out with you I’m from Texas

  3. sara says:

    hi Demi I am watching camp rock and I love you so much

  4. LaNautica says:

    Demi I love your shows you are so funny I loved the bee rap your not like Miley she is nasty I can’t believe people still like her she shows her body she is making a sex movie text me back.

  5. jason says:

    Demi please help me become a Disney channel actress

  6. lily says:

    I love you Demi!
    I caught your pletruim at the Wembley 15/06/09 concert!
    I was the girl at the front that kept going DEMI DEMI DEMI DEMI

  7. doroti says:

    I love you Demi!! Forever!!..forever:D:D:D
    and how are you?

  8. rachel graham says:

    i Demi I watch your show it rocks .everyone in so random r awesome I watch all your shows on Disney channel and I’m about to watch one now.
    love Rachel

  9. rachel graham says:

    Demi I want to come in your exciting shows all your shows rocks I’m a big fan of you I know everyone that come in Sonny with a Chance. in so random the names are Tawny, Rico and Grady and I know Chad that comes in the Mckenzy Falls

  10. debora says:

    hi Demi I’m Debora and all your shows stinks I don’t even want to be in your stupid shows even Wizard of Waverly place, Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Suit life of Zack and Cody lost at see and Hannah Montana is better than you

  11. taylor says:

    I love you Demi Lovato

  12. tfoote13 says:

    Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

  13. kelly says:

    Hey Demi Lovato I am a huge fan and I was just hoping that you would come to my house and talk to me for a while about something private with you but if you can send me a email that will be fine with me from your biggest fan Kelly o yeah just to let you know that I am really looking forward to seeing you are my role model I will follow in your foot steps to became famous and sing on the stage with you and just to let you know that you can send me a email or you can come to my house I live in Springfield Illinois. I hope to see you bye once again from your biggest fan Kelly bye love you peace out .

  14. ioana says:

    Demi, I’m a huge fan,I love you and I hope you will give me your messenger ID because I want to talk with you. I love you and I hope we can talk. Good luck in all you will do!

  15. DJ Rick says:

    Hi Demi it is DJ I sent you an email at your website. Anyway I love you forever.

  16. Alice says:

    Demi, I love you very much…!! You are so cool……!!!!

  17. tania quintero says:

    hi I m fans of Demi Lovato she is the best of world I love and too I love the music of Demi Lovato…….

  18. DemiLovatoFreak says:

    Demi :D I love you so much ;D and I want you see in Croatia ! I love you and you are my role model :D

  19. briana says:

    hey Demi you should write a song with Hayley Williams I’ll write it for you because it’ll be amazing! I love you!

  20. briana says:

    i love your voice it sounds like an angel

  21. shyanne says:

    I love your show

  22. tarek says:

    hi Demi I’m from Saudi Arabia and I lave you so much and When I finish my studies I want to go to Disney and represent And I want you to help me please

  23. Nilly says:

    bla bla bla your so stupid I hate you I hate Demi Lovato

  24. jay says:

    you think your like so damn gorgeous ya song are not bad haha but when are you gonna come to New Zealand

  25. keara shantell davis says:

    what you doing

  26. rachel graham says:

    hi Demi I watch all your shows when you act in Sonny with a Chance they are awesome I wish I was like you but I hear it takes a lot of work to become famous and popular.

  27. Anna says:

    omg Demi I love you <3 you are awesome

  28. ivy isman says:

    hi Demi…….. I’m Ivy anyway, I’m your #1 fan. I watch all your video song, and your show Camp Rock with Jonas Brothers, hope have a part two of your show Camp Rock.. I love you.. hope to see you soon and hope you come to Manila..take care always :)

  29. ivy isman says:

    p.s. I like your song. This is me… so nice to hear.. I love it :)

  30. Castor says:

    you is a best star in the world, I like your series and the music you is beautiful girl,you speak french.

  31. aquie says:

    hi ;;; Demi I am happy to see you too

  32. michael says:

    hi Demi I love you .

  33. NAZRIN says:


  34. NAZRIN says:


  35. marie says:

    Demi I like you so much I wanna be a singer I love you l

  36. tiffanyanderson says:

    hi Demi I am your biggest fan <3

  37. charles.tbrown dhliwayo says:

    I love you Demi. You have inspired him to be the best in life, I watch your show everyday, you are my favorite singer and one of my favorite actresses. Thank you very much, I wish you a long and successful career. We love you.

  38. tyler says:

    demi i saw those nude pics of you you look so hot

  39. abby says:

    Hi, I herd you went to rehab but why your the most biggest star

  40. neleina disbrowe says:

    hey Demi Lovato I love your music and I’m starting to sing like you lol i am a big fan and i love u i wanna be just like you

  41. kelley says:

    i love your songs and give your heart a break.

  42. cheryl says:

    Hey Demi, i’m so proud of you!! i love you so much! i wanna meet you :(

  43. hannah says:

    HI DEMI!! im such a big fan, and im the girl u were chatting with on a site!! “ ” im hannah likes pink.! plz write back to me, thx! i ? u

  44. stella says:

    Demi how are you sis

  45. demi guga says:

    ohh Demi I love you so much more than a cup of tea and you are the best singer ever when I grow up I want to be a singer like you and l love your song heartattack l love you sooo much you rock

    demi guga xxx

  46. savanna says:

    Joe Jonas want to talk to you on chat with selena gomez

  47. chris walters says:

    hi demi you are a beautiful girl sweetheart

  48. chris walters says:

    hi sweetheart

  49. chris walters says:

    Hi Demi how are you?

  50. chris walters says:

    hi demi what is your favorite color?

  51. Demi lovato says:

    My favorite its only pink I’m fine thank you you? Hello Chris are you my fan thank you so much I love you too thank you so much

  52. roselin says:

    Hi Demi Lovato , can you please come to Salisbury

  53. brooklyn says:

    put it on a fix is i cause i dont want to fall in love if ever did that i think i will have a heart atack

  54. brooklyn says:

    i have a cousin that loves you and can sing as good as you

  55. Virginia says:

    You are the best, Demi!!!

  56. tyanna jackson says:

    i love you demi lovato and i love you too miley cyrus and selean gomez and joe jonas and me too and

  57. Sasha says:

    hi demi please follow me on twitter

  58. tyanna jackson says:

    i love you demi and did come are pierod

  59. tyanna jackson says:

    io love you demi come to house

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