Demi Lovato Falls On Stage Twice In Chicago

Demi Lovato checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@demilovato) on Monday (August 25), discussing her concert last night at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Chicago, where the ‘Camp Rock’ star took a tumble as she closed her set opening for the Jonas Brothers. Demi writes:

Today I’m in Pittsburgh, PA! And it’s my day off so I’m spending all day sleeping! haha

Yesterday I played Chicago with the Jonas Brothers and The Veronicas, which was totally fun. The best part was I fell during my set. hahahaha I wasn’t lying when I said I’m clumsy! Oh well… made for a good laugh and a couple good jokes backstage!!

What’s everybody else up to? Can’t wait to play again tomorrow!

p.s. tomorrow is the 4 week countdown! So excited! My album just started pre-selling so were excited about that too!

Love you guys!


Actually Demi fell twice, and apparently Nick Jonas fell during the Jonas Brothers set later. Watch one of the moments below.

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