Demi Lovato Fields Questions From Twitter Followers

answered several questions from her Twitter followers (@ddlovato) on Monday night (August 24). Among them:

@ddlovato did you hear do the cover of catch me???? What did you think?? :p
@StephanieBassa YES! Nick J is a beast. He killed that song. I was so excited they covered it! I love them :)

@ddLovato, Do you like Jesse McCartney? ;)
@x0Lauren He totally used to be my celebrity crush. But then I turned 12.

@ddlovato Can you tell me how Barney gets out of his costume? I never see any zippers it’s like magic!
@alyssasayshi Barney is a real dinosaur.. what are you talking about?

@ddlovato do you believe in love at first sight?
@cammyann Yes. Yes, I definitely do. :)

@ddlovato Would you date a normal? Like he’s not even a fan of yours like never heard of you. Why or why not??
@NaniVidales I think that would be the best way to go. Then you know he’s not dating you because of your name or just for publicity.

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