Demi Lovato Suffering In The Cold Filming ‘Camp Rock 2’

Demi Lovato bonds with a chicken

updated her Twitter followers (@ddlovato) as she continues filming ‘Camp Rock 2’ in Canada. The teen again was suffering from the chilly weather, writing:

It’s snowing, and I’m in a sundress.. made of silk. WHY CANADA, WHY?!?!

So, my fingers are numb from the cold, but I could feel that one was wet… It was blood! Turns out I played guitar so hard that I busted one of my fingers up!

Phew. Finally headed to bed. Still can’t feel muh legs.

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2 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Suffering In The Cold Filming ‘Camp Rock 2’

  1. ezgi says:

    Demi Lovatonun tav?an tutaca?? hiç akl?ma gelmezdi gerçi.

  2. andreia sequeira rebelo says:

    esta imagem e muito gira simplesmente porque adoro a demi lovato ela é linda se eu um dia a conhece-se seria um sonho tornado realidade mas em f im eu moro no aldeamento vilar do jardim

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