Demi Lovato Talks New Album, Broken Leg During Twitter Chat

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took part in a Twitter chat with friends via Universal Orlando (@UniversalORL), where the singer and actress was asked about her upcoming album and its first single ‘Heart Attack’, horses, dream collaborations, the status of her broken leg, her goals, and more. Check out some of Demi’s responses below.

@oohdemetria My fav fruit is watermelon. Thanks!

@lovatic4lovato You can expect a little bit of everything from my next album. All my other albums times 10.

@kaislaaa I love horses and I can’t wait to ride a horse again. Thanks!

@MileyMyLaugh The artist I would like to collaborate with most is @Eminem. Thanks!

@janinevt My personal dream is to get married and have a family. My professional dream is to win a Grammy.

@0ps_Demi If I were an animal I would be an eagle soaring through the sky.

@AhlammeansDream My leg is a lot better. I’m easing off of wearing the boot soon. I’m trying to wear it at certain times.

@michellewtff If I weren’t a singer/actress, I would want to be a songwriter or a mom and a wife.

@Leozzinhuu I may or may not have a name for my new album, but I can’t reveal it yet.

@CourtneyRose18x “Heart Attack” was inspired by being in a place of vulnerability. Which I’m sure many people can relate to.

@nmgraber It feels so great for my new song to be out and that people are liking it.

@kpcalmlisn2demi My leg is better, I’m not on crutches anymore. And yeah this is the first time I’ve broken anything.

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