Demi Lovato Thanks Fans After Amazing 16th Birthday

Demi Lovato talks about turning 16 and the Happy Birthday wishes she received from fans, as well as the concert slide show that made her cry on stage and a video from Selena Gomez checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@demilovato) on Thursday (August 21), a day after celebrating her 16th birthday. Demi writes:

So my birthday was absolutely incredible and the only things missing were my family and Selena (best friend) but! I will see them soon so it’s okay :)

I got the best gifts, and a lot of sentimental things like a slideshow, a rap made by my band… hahaha and lots of other awesome gifts.

But I wanted to give a special thanks to you guys which I just made in a YouTube video so be sure to check that out.. You all made my birthday so amazing.

Like I said, I wished for this every year.. so to being able to see so many of you all yesterday.. it meant the world to me.

Once again thank you!

I love you guys.


With the YouTube video Demi posted, viewable below, she said, “Guess what, I am now 16, which is not that different than 15, but it’s cool, because yesterday I had the best birthday ever and now I won’t forget that I’m 16. You guys made my birthday so amazing with all the YouTube videos, with all the comments and everything on MySpace, just things like that. Also on web sites. I was checking out a lot of web sites and you guys were saying Happy Birthday.”

Demi continued, “It just really meant a lot to me and during the concert, you guys sang Happy Birthday to me twice and also there was a slide show my mom put together with one of my best friends Marissa and it was all sad and whatnot, and I was crying on stage which was kinda lame that I cried on stage, but whatever.”

Mentioning her famous friend, Demi added, “Also I wanted to say thank you Selena for the video and I wanted to cry when I saw it but instead I’m going to call you right now, so pick up your phone. To everyone that said Happy Birthday, thank you.”

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