Dennis Miller Fills In For Jay Leno’s Jack-logue

Because of the gag order in the trial, Jay Leno brought out conservative talk show host / comedian Dennis Miller to do the Jacko portion of his monologue. Miller joked, “Big day in the trial today, folks. I see where Michael Jackson and George Hamilton have officially crossed lines on the pigmentation flow chart. … Some interesting facts coming out about Neverland. It seems that Michael Jackson has the only playroom in the western world with a wine steward. … What do you serve with Macaulay Culkin? Red? White? … Let me get this straight. Jackson gets the kids over to the Neverland ranch — and by the way, if you like the Neverland ranch, try the vinaigrette. … He gets the kids over, and he gives them vodka and porn! You know, you get rid of the child molestation thing and this guy’s the really cool uncle I always wanted.”

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