Desperate Pop Star Tries To Regroup With Bandmates

A blind item in the Sunday Mirror asks, “A increasingly desperate ???????????? is starting to rue the day she fell out with her former bandmates. After the huge row which led to the group splitting in two, tempers flared and harsh words were spoken. But since poor ????????’s attempts at a solo career have floundered, she’s been frantically ringing her former pals to rebuild broken bridges. Unfortunately, it seems a reconciliation is the last thing on their minds.”

Gay Pop Singer Hits On Gossip Writer’s Brother

December 6, 2002 – The Mirror’s blind item today asks, “Which gay pop singer hit on the heterosexual brother of one of the 3am girls? This bloke – who still hasn’t come out of the closet – kept stroking the uninterested little brother’s chest at a party and danced suggestively in front of him. The star went home alone. Keep your hands to yourself in future.”

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