Details Behind Mandy Moderator’s Firing

The former moderator of the message board as of Wednesday posted what he knew as to why he was removed as moderator. Jon (bills50000) wrote: “As many of you noticed, I no longer appear on the moderators list for the Official Mandy Moore Message board. Quite honestly, I know little more about the reason for this than you all seem to know. What I hear is that Mandy or her management requested to Sony that I be removed, and it was done.” Read on for his full rant, that incidentally precluded the spat where Jon referred to Mandy as being jaded.

This was somehow deleted in the process of a moderator trying to move it between forums, so here is the repost…

Hi Guys,

As many of you noticed, I no longer appear on the moderators list for the Official Message board. Quite honestly, I know little more about the reason for this than you all seem to know. What I hear is that Mandy or her management requested to Sony that I be removed, and it was done. Unfortunately, I’m having communication problems with the MandyMoore.Com webmaster, so until that is resolved, I won’t know exactly what happened for sure.

The bottom line is this: I’ve had a great time here with all of you. I first registered with this board on May 18th, 2000. I had liked a few of Mandy’s songs since the beginning of 2000, and decided to check out the site. Since the beginning of 2000, I’ve gone from someone who would say “Mandy who?!” to a message board moderator and chat administrator for Mandy’s official Web site, to someone who was/thought he was friends (friend: n. 1. “A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.” 2. “A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.” []) with Mandy, to someone who now thinks he’s lost the trust and respect of the girl that he didn’t know existed 2 years ago. I’ll never forget July 28th, 2000, when I talked to Mandy in a chat for the first time. …or the time I got my first e-mail from Mandy, nearly one year ago on December 30th, 2000. …or the first time I met Mandy on January 10th, 2001. …or what I believe to be the peak of whatever “relationship” we had – June 19th, 2001, when I met her at LIVE with Regis and Kelly, TRL, and randomly around 8th and 60th – probably the second coolest day of my life.

In this process, however, I’ve learned quite a bit and gained much. I’ve met a ton of incredible people, gained quite a bit of experience, learned a lot of people skills as a moderator, started my own business (developing Internet message boards using the experience I’ve gained), and made myself a happier person. There are a few things I regret, but looking back as much as I can, I’m quite adamant in my belief that the people on this board helped me through high school and through 2 years of life, and I’m a better person because of it. For that, I say thank you to you all. …even to the occasional pains in the asses, because part of the people skills and experience has to do with you, and because I’m well aware that I’ve been a pain in the ass at times too. So, and additional thank you for putting up with me to all those who find the latter statement in the former sentence to be true.

I’m sure at least some of you are wondering what I’m going to do… will I keep posting as if nothing happened? Leave and never come again? Sell Mandy’s address on eBay? The answer is that I’m not sure (except for the last one… I’m not a vengeful person, and no, you still can’t have Mandy’s screen name/address, no, you won’t find it on eBay, and no, [insert reason why I should give it to you here] isn’t a good reason. I don’t break the trust of my friends.). I think I’ll still post here occasionally, but not nearly as much (Would you believe that I have over 11,000 posts from the last 20 months? That’s an average of 20 posts a day.).

I’d like to say something to Mandy. Mandy, I don’t know what it is about you, but there’s something that’s irresistible to people about you. When people meet or talk with you, they instantly get the feeling that you’re a cool person. Remember when I met you on June 19th with a friend of mine? He probably couldn’t have named more than 3 of your songs before he met you. After he met you, he couldn’t stop saying how he wanted your e-mail address and was dreaming about taking you to his senior prom. I’m really serious… you have an amazing charisma. I guess I’m trying to explain why I like(d) you so much. Anyway, I’ve said it to you before, but I’d like to apologize again for any time I’ve made you feel uncomfortable. I wish things had turned out differently between us. You deserve the best, and the best is what I wish to you. With all sincerity, thank you for everything… you’ve made my year.

To kind of end this post, just a few comments in general. First, make sure you guys select a good new moderator. Making this board work took a lot of time from me, and I can’t do that work anymore, so someone else has to if this board is to succeed. The last moderator was chosen because 2 people from the board recommended that person, and I think that there are better ways to select a moderator. I think it would be nice if everyone could decide who replaces me. Second, lots of love to Diana, Mandy (Saturnine Eyes), Tina, Sara, Ashley, Sarah, Bex, the Canadian Triplets, Vanessa, Angie (Cute lil Angie), Jeehae, Julie, and I’m sure many others who I forgot to mention because of the current mood I’m in. Jeff, Peter, Pitz, Wade, Jerry, Matt, Greg, and Whit – you guys are great friends. It’s amazing how much you can trust and care for someone that you’ve never met or met once.

I have a fondness for this board that may fade, but not disappear, so I’m sure you’ll see me around once in a while. I have a board of my own at – even though it’s called a Message Board it’s really not, considering we just talk about what’s up with all of us – anyway, you can always find me there, and you can always e-mail me at . My AIM is bills50000, but most of the time I’m online I block all users not on my list.

Not withstanding the risk of sounding “hallmark cheesy,” I love you guys. I’ll miss you.

PS – When I started writing this post, it had the sad face emotion, but I’ve decided to change it. I feel a little bit better now that I’ve been able to say what I’ve wanted to say.


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