Details Magazine Comments On Nick Carter’s ‘Now or Never’

Contributed by nellysgirl:

Details magazine talks about star Nick Carter’s album ‘Now or Never’ and about some specific songs:
“‘Miss America’ doesn’t work. Nick sounds like he is dragging throughout the song. It’s just not a compliment to his voice. Musically, the instrumental arrangement really wants to be a Tom Petty or Eric Clapton clone, unfortunately, it isn’t.” Read on for more.

They added, “In another effort to imitate an artist, Nick tries on a Bon Jovi in ‘Heart Without A Home’. He’s got the whole, ‘Dead Or Alive’ going on (with back-up vocals) however, it’s missing that something. While he pulls off the imitation in a fine manner, the actual song feels very sub-par. The arrangements of the vocals and the music don’t mesh. There’s no feeling when he gets to the bridge of the song. That’s one thing that Bon Jovi pulls off. His voice takes on a different tone as the music swells with anticipation. There’s no swelling here.”

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