Details On Willa Ford’s New MTV Show

According to fan site, the singer will be hosting an MTV show called ‘I Bet You Will’, which will challenge people to do gross things. The show is currently being filmed in Myrtle Beach.

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6 thoughts on “Details On Willa Ford’s New MTV Show

  1. psychomatic says:

    I bet this is all CarSuck Daly’s fault. He’s probably boning her, cause everyone knows that she has no talent! And because she’s Carson’s slut, why wouldn’t he give her these gigs?

  2. BSBChick says:

    Hahaha, I agree with phycomatic…that’s true, I don’t like willa that much and I don’t think I’d like her show! Blah!

  3. YourMom says:

    Who cares if YOU don’t like her show. Bottom line is tons of people will or else they (MTV) wouldn’t have commissioned her to do it. Face it, guys, she’s not going away. I know a lot of you want her to, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. She’s gonna have a new CD out later this year. Sorry guys :( And by the way, Willa never had any relationship with Carson. Sorry to disappoint again

  4. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    Why do people hate Manduh aka Willa soo much just cause she goes against the grain?! She doesn’t deserve all the flack she receives!

  5. shaunastar says:

    I mean why would they get Willa Ford to host a show?? She had one song that did alright and her second single I don’t even know what it was called didn’t do well. I only seen it played once and even then I only caught half of the video. MTV wasn’t even promoting it that well,and if she put out another video after that ,I never seen it.I really don’t have much against her except for the fact she said that she was the female version of Eminem which is highly unlikely. And she goes on to talk about how shes different than all other female popstars but, I can’t tell the difference except for the fact that shes not as successful.But maybe the show will help her career who knows?

  6. YourMom says:

    The point here is that she has a contract with MTV and that’s why she’s doing the show. (Just like Mandy Moore and Christina Milian) End of story.

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