Dia Frampton Shares Music Collection With Her Kid Sister

Meg & Dia

Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia checked in with fans on the sibling founded group’s blog at MySpace (@megdia) on Tuesday (October 14), sharing a story about sharing music with her younger sister. Dia writes:

So the other day, I was just hanging around my little sister (15 years old), in my room, listening to some tunes, talking about books and boys and whatever normal girls talk about, when she asked if she could get some music from my computer. Of course, the answer was, “Yeah, of course. Gimme your I-Pod kiddo.”

After fiddling with her I-Pod connected to my computer for sometime, with weird “popper uppers” coming up every two seconds saying, “This I-Pod is not updated. Or, This I-Pod Data blah blah blah is not functioning properly” I let her I-Pod go.

“Sorry. I guess your I-Pod is a little funky. It won’t connect to my I-tunes. No Modest Mouse for you I guess. Go hook her up to Meg’s computer.”

That didn’t work either.

Her I-Pod, I suppose, was really funky.

So I said with some reluctance,”Bummer. I will just have to show you some new tunes in the car.”

But after five minutes, I returned to her room.

I brought her back to my room, and pulled out my “secret stash.”

An entire pint of hash and therapeutic weed I had brought back from Europe.
No. Not really.

My CD and Record collection I have been building since I was 9 years old!

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