Diana DeGarmo: We’re All Winners

TV Guide Online caught up with before she lost the ‘American Idol’ finale to Fantasia Barrino on Wednesday night. Asked how she would cope of Fantasia won, Diana responded, “I’m so grateful to everyone who voted for me. It’s so crazy just to think that out of 70,000 people, little me from Snellville, the youngest girl in the competition, has made it this far. I couldn’t ask for anything more. At this point, we are all winners. Take Clay Aiken – Oh my gosh! He came in second place and he has such a wonderful following. I think I’ve done as well as I can, and I hope if people like me, they still do after the show. No matter what, I’m definitely going to be recording a CD. No matter what! I’ve wanted to be a singer since I was little girl, so why stop now?”

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