Diana DeGarmo’s Dad Hopes She’ll Let Him In Her Life

Star magazine spoke with Shelton DeGarmo, the father of ‘American Idol’ runner-up Diana DeGarmo, who hasn’t seen his daughter since October of 2002. Asked if he wanted a relationship in the future with his daughter, Shelton responded, “I certainly would like to be part of her life. But that decision will have to be hers; I wouldn’t want to be somewhere I’m not wanted. My hope is that Diana’s mom Brenda might let bygones by bygones, and that my daughter and I will re-establish contact. And I want to congratulate Brenda for all her hard work and dedication, without which Diana’s success wouldn’t be possible.”

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3 thoughts on “Diana DeGarmo’s Dad Hopes She’ll Let Him In Her Life

  1. ken says:

    This was not Diana’s real dad.

  2. Jackie Villani says:

    Ken, I beg to differ——unless you know something we don’t. Shelton and Brenda were married at the time of Diana’s birth. Has Brenda said Shelton is not the father?

  3. Dick Johnson says:

    Shelton is definitely Diana’s real father. I knew Shelton for 30+ years, and I remember when she was born. Shelton adored Diana and they were very close until the time around the divorce and for a while, after. The divorce got so contentious that it was used as a case study at UGA Law School, you can find it online. Knowing Shelton like I did, Brenda had to fight for herself all the way or get run over, and that’s probably what caused the split between D & S; she chose sides and came to the defense of her mom. Brenda is a great stage mom, completely devoted to Diana’s success, and she is no pushover. Shelton, I hate to say this, can be, let’s say “indifferent” to maintaining long-term relationships, even with family, so he wasn’t going to initiate fixing it, he moves on. He cut me off too a few years over some little thing and I always missed his company.

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