Diana Vickers Has Dinner At Cheryl Cole’s Home

‘The X Factor’ castoff spoke with ITN, revealing the truth about her and Eoghen Quigg, who was sobbing and hugging her after learning she’d be the one to go and he was safe. “People forget that I’m only 17, and Eoghen’s 16 as well,” she said, insisting the two are just friends. “We’re [similar] ages, and we just understood each other.” Or maybe not, as one can’t help but notice Diana bizarrely trying to keep a tightly wrapped scarf around her neck, perhaps covering a hickey… From Eoghen?

Diana also said she went to her ‘X Factor’ mentor ’s home to have dinner with the Girls Aloud star and her hubby Ashley on Sunday. “It was lovely,” she said. Asked who cooked, she said, “Well they had people in to cook for them, because it was a nice meal.” Vickers added that the couple’s home, which they recently moved into, was beautiful. Watch the interview below.

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