Diary Helps Jessica Simpson Relieve Stress

According to FemaleFirst.co.uk, has been relieving her stress by writing her feelings down. “It’s a way for me to know myself and my problems,” Simpson explained. “If I don’t do this, I’ll push everything back until I explode. Sometimes it helps to talk about my feelings with friends.”

Billy Bush Says Is Making A Mistake

November 15, 2005 – Billy Bush wrote on his ‘Access Hollywood’ blog Thursday (November 10): “I am aware of the impact the piece on our show made. It was the discussion on morning radio across the country. I woke up Wednesday morning in Chicago and it was in the Sun – Times. I get it…it was refreshing. We showed the infamous ‘handlers’ trying to ‘manhandle’ the media. The fact of the matter is, however, that Jessica Simpson is young and taking on the world. To shut everyone off to the main thing that made her famous, her open book approach, is a mistake. If she had said, ‘I really don’t want to talk about it,’ I would have related to her and honored her concern. To sit there while ‘handlers’ intervened shows the opposite of why we like her. Jessica is a great girl who has a lot of people in her ear. Her gut is what she should trust. She’ll realize this and grow.”

Jessica Simpson Tells Mom: Ashlee’s So Stupid

November 14, 2005 – The New York Post reports Jessica Simpson was overheard telling her mother Tina at the Accessories Council ACE awards at Cipriani the other night: “Mom, Ashlee is so stupid. She left the popcorn in the microwave and almost burned the house down.” The Post added that Simpson has also told pals she’s worried about her little sister’s wild partying.

Billy Bush Hits A Nerve With Jessica Simpson & Pop

November 8, 2005 – Billy Bush of ‘Access Hollywood’ spent some time with Jessica Simpson over the weekend, as the singer promoted her line of shoes. When asked about her remark to Teen People that she’d been seeing a therapist, Simpson responded, “I mean, hmm, I don’t wanna… Everybody’s asking that question,” prompting her publicist to say, “I would stay away from that.” Bush afterwards revealed on his blog he had received an e-mail from Jessica’s father Joe “blasting me for being ‘untruthful’ and breaking a deal he made with our producers.”

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5 thoughts on “Diary Helps Jessica Simpson Relieve Stress

  1. galleta says:

    I’m really sick of Jessica now and all the Simpsons. The first season of that show was funny, even cute, the second season I stopped watching it after she threw a tantrum in a Limo cause her hairdresser couldn’t make it. They are contrived, and they are the epitome of Manufactured stars both Jess and her sister. Neither is sincere and they have done well in fooling the public into thinking they were these sincere wholesome role-model worthy woman…hahahaha that’s a laugh. And Joe wow I wonder what kind of minister was he?

  2. ihatehilary says:

    That twink gets on my nerves too, Jessica. you just forget about him and keep going to therapy if that’s what you need. I’m sure the divorce is very hard on you.

  3. malibu says:

    This is so stupid billy bush is doing his job getting the dirt. celebs have to remember that’s basically tabloids on camera. all she had to do was say I don’t want to discuss that. if she didn’t want anyone asking questions about therapy, she shouldn’t have mentioned it to teen people in the first place. Jess needs to start fighting her own battles instead of sending daddy to do it for her. I’m so sick of this whole family, people criticize Britney for being fabricated, but it seems like every aspect of the Simpson life is for money

  4. Aphoto says:

    Please, how dare Joe blast Billy for being ‘untruthful’ and criticize Billy’s character… HELLO, it was your daughter who told Teen People about therapy, so were the HELL is the untruth in that? What about your character, Joe? You are willing to sell your daughters for a cent. Good for Billy for shooting back the email to that regard. PLEASE SOMEONE GET RID OF THIS FAMILY!

  5. BSBlover05 says:

    I wonder why George Bush is so against gay people? Doesn’t he realize his own cousin is very, very gay? I mean, wouldn’t he want his cousin to have all the same rights he does like get married, f*ck, etc.? Oh well, maybe ol’ Bushy is just trying SO hard to please those nasty Republicans that he forgets all about how Billy should have those rights, too.

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