Dick Clark Not Sure If Christina Aguilera Will Be Clothed Tonight

Kendis Gibson of CNN spoke with Dick Clark ahead of tonight’s American Music Awards and asked about whether censors would have a tough time at the show, especially with the Osbournes hosting the event. “There is no script, so we don’t know what he is going to say ahead of time,” Clark said. “There is no way to put it up there. We got Ozzy Osbourne then we have Ja Rule and Bobby Brown, that is an interesting censorship challenge. We have got with or without her clothing. I’m not sure of that yet until I see it in a moment. In the audience, we got sitting six seats away from Britney Spears, so it is going to be an interesting night.” Gibson joked, “I’m told this tie I’m wearing is actually more clothing than Christina is going to be wearing, but I don’t know.” Read more.

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