Did A Demerol Overdose Kill Michael Jackson?

reportedly died of cardiac arrest after an injection of the powerful painkiller Demerol. “Shortly after taking the Demerol he started to experience slow shallow breathing,” a source told The Sun. “His breathing gradually got slower and slower until it stopped. His staff started mouth-to-mouth and an ambulance was called which got there in eight minutes, but paramedics found he was in full respiratory arrest, no breathing and no pulse. They started full CPR and rushed him to hospital. When he arrived they started resuscitation, giving him heart shocks and inserted a breathing tube and other supportive measures to try and save his life. He never regained consciousness. The family was told that he had passed.”

Video Of Ambulance Leaving Michael Jackson’s Home

June 26, 2009 – Hollywood.tv has footage of Michael Jackson being rushed from his Holmby Hills home to UCLA Medical Center on Thursday after an apparent cardiac arrest, where he later was pronounced dead. Watch via YouTube below.

Kate Earl Reacts To Michael Jackson’s Passing

June 26, 2009 – Kate Earl weighed in on the death of Michael Jackson on her blog at MySpace (@kateearl) on Thursday (June 25). The Alaska singer songwriter tells readers:

Just got home from the studio. What a sadness over me. I had just been talking with my co-writer Chris Rojas about Michael when he popped his head in from the hall and said “You have to come, now.” Everyone from the different sessions was in shock. We stared at the tv shaking our heads. All these dudes were teary eyed. Chris brought out his signed pic to begin a memorial. I picked a flower from the garden… When I was in 3rd grade I was head over heels in love with MJ. My teacher mentioned his name in class and I screamed and jumped out of my seat with shivers. Only the King of Pop could wield such power.

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2 thoughts on “Did A Demerol Overdose Kill Michael Jackson?

  1. Abu Dharr says:

    These symptoms are typical of an opioid overdose such as Meperidine (demerol). However if we take into account that he was probably quite tolerant to these drugs as he had been abusing them for some years, the dose required to kill him would have been quite high. It is possible to say that he was deliberating administered a very high dose and is thus murder. Furthermore, there is a well known antidote to these opioids which could have been administered by the ambulance staff. Why they didn’t do this is suspicious.

  2. Kelsie Barthel says:

    We will all miss you!? You were the STAR of pop. Even people that are teens new all your music. We are all disappointed that you had died.:[ But you were so awesome.
    R.I.P Micheal Jackson
    WE LOVED MICHEAL SO MUCH??????????????

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