Did Adrienne Bailon Leak Stolen Picture Story For Publicity?

Adrienne Bailon’s supposed “rep” Jonathan Jaxson was on CBS 46 in Atlanta on Tuesday morning, discussing the star’s stolen bottomless pictures emerging on the internet last week. Jaxson said, “She had a laptop stolen at an airport in New York City last week, so we got the police report, reported it to TMZ, but that wasn’t good enough. So we decided to juice it up, and what better way to do that than say possible nude pictures could have been stolen from a laptop? So we never thought in a million years that the pictures would get out.”

The segment, where he also talked about and Samantha Ronson’s romance, has since been removed at cbs46.com.

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One thought on “Did Adrienne Bailon Leak Stolen Picture Story For Publicity?

  1. Taylor barco says:

    why would you take that nasty pic

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