Did Britney Secretly Meet Justin So That He Could Meet Sean?

Contributed Anonymously:

WorldOfBritney.com webmaster Ruben Garay posted on his website Sunday: “Here’s the latest scoop! Britney checked into the Four Seasons Hotel here in Beverly Hills yesterday with Sean Preston. According to my sources at the hotel, she’s still there. What’s even funnier and weirder is that, was there for quite a while yesterday as well, as he was seen having lunch by himself. Could it be that the two talked and planned this out since it would be the only safe way for Britney to introduce the baby to her old friend? Who knows, but it seems like it would be too much of a coincidence otherwise. Just thought this was a cool thing to mention ! Where on earth is Kevin? Why is Britney checking herself into hotels? Why does Justin happen to be at the exact same place that she is at the exact same day? Hmm.”

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