Did Justin Timberlake Get Even For Door Snub?

The New York Post reports actor and promoter Michael Sutton says he was barred from Justin Timberlake’s private concert at The Roof in Los Angeles because he made the star wait to get into one of his parties a few weeks ago. “A couple of Tuesdays prior, Justin and Cameron Diaz had to wait longer than they had liked to get into Michael’s Tuesday night party,” said a source close to Sutton. “The security, half of whom had worked for Michael at one point, were all apologizing as they had to pass on the request of Justin’s for Michael to leave.” Owner Allan David responded, “I don’t even think Justin has been to The Roof on a Tuesday and he can get in whenever he wants. Michael works for us. Justin is our partner. It was a Vanity Fair party, not our party. There was a strict guest list. It was a red-carpet event, and if Michael couldn’t get in, it was because he was not on the guest list. Justin had nothing to do with it.”

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